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Is Britain going to be eating a lot less meat? If so look no further than KTC

The news is littered with headlines about meat of late. Whether it’s Cowspiracy, which blames animal agriculture for many of the world’s ills or the latest health warnings regarding processed meats and red meat. There’s also a real rise in movements like “Meat Free Monday” and with health becoming a real driving force, maybe the grocery and restaurant trade should see this as an opportunity to really get behind pulses, lentils and vegetables as alternatives to meat.

KTC offers a vast selection of pulses and beans that are fabulous meat substitutes and actually, pretty marvellous tasting in their own right. Britain needs to catch on to what other countries seem to have known for generations – lentils and beans are great to cook with! Whether it’s Italian Pasta dishes, Indian Dals or Lentils cooked in stock French style (naturally sans the lardons) and obviously an abundance of soup ideas, as well as hummus, falafel and much, much more. Perfect for coeliacs and also those with gluten intolerance they should be marketed better, whether through menus or serving suggestions and recipes. Restaurants could try running Meat Free Monday menus and grocery stores could give out recipe cards that feature Meat Free Monday options. In fact this could be an opportunity to get the best of both worlds for the trade.


  • In Britain we consume more than double the world’s meat average, in excess of 80kg per person per year.
  • 1/3 of the world’s harvest is fed to farm animals that would feed 3 billion people per annum.
  • Whilst many only eat meat reared humanely the vast majority is intensive farming with impact on the environment.
  • Reports show that as a nation we’re cutting back on meat with the average family eating 23% less beef and 37% less lamb than 5 years ago.

KTC is a family owned business and continues to go from strength to strength. Back in 1971 the company started small, providing speciality oils to the Asian community in the UK. Now it’s the UK’s largest independent oil provider to the grocery and catering trades as well as supplying tomatoes, pulses, sauces, rice and flour and whole lot more. KTC has become a household name in the Asian community as well as gaining a foothold with the mainstream as people recognise quality and value. The company ethos is simple – to provide superb quality at great prices with products sourced from around the globe.

KTC is available at Morrison’s, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and quality